Footer missing from invoice altho selected for cloned invoice

Last week I migrated to v5 on the Hosted plan. Coming back this week to do invoices, PDFs and previews are missing the standard footer I have defined. As far as I can tell, I have the footer text set up as default (in Company Details). When I create the invoice (by cloning last week’s for that client), it looks as though the footer is present on the “Edit invoice” screen and footer tab. But it is not getting through to the output.

I’ve investigated and it seems that although the footer is now part of the template I created, it is not applied to a cloned invoice if it wasn’t there last time. That is, the cloning may not apply previous data to the current template, but literally brings over the old template. If create an invoice from scratch, I get the footer. But not the Public Notes I’ve previously entered for that client.

Sigh. I suppose this is sort of logical but it is annoying not to get at least an option to update to current version of same template. I guess I know have to check last cycle’s invoices and recreate the ones that didn’t get the footer (which, incidentally, went missing as part of the unmigrated v4 stuff).

The footer is where I put my standard payment instructions including bank details, so it is rather crucial.


I’m not sure I fully understand, when you say “template” do you mean a custom invoice design? If you’re able to create a screen recording explaining your workflow it may help.

@david @ben any thoughts?


Just to confirm, are you setting your defaults in Settings > Company Details > Invoice Footer?

If you set your banking details there, it will be stamped on every invoice.

Yes to the best of my knowledge, that’s what I’m doing with the footer but it is not getting through to clones of older invoices, even if they use the same customised invoice design.

I should add that I went to a customised design because at the time it was the only way I could see to get rid of the Invoice Ninja logo.