First Data - Payeezy

Has anyone been successful in adding a First Data - Payeezy gateway to your hosted Invoice Ninja portal? I’ve tried many combinations of data from the Payeezy portal to the Store ID and Shared Secret fields in Invoice Ninja, however I always receive this error when attempting a payment:

Your transaction may not be completed successfully
The cause of this error could be one of the following:
Unable to load the merchant data from db or invalid store name

Are you using or are you self-hosting?

It looks like we’re using the FirstData_Connect provider however the Omnipay driver also supports FirstData_Webservice and FirstData_Payeezy.

If you’re self-hosting you may be able to make this work by changing the provider in the gateways table.

We are using the paid enterprise option, I am aware that the omnipay library includes support for Payeezy, I suppose I was wondering if this is a feature addition that you all would like to add rather than pushing our business off to the self-hosted (free) version of Invoice Ninja.

We’ll look into adding it.