Feedback: Recurring invoices at a glance

Hey guys.

I’m moving all my recurring invoices to be processed via Invoice Ninja. It is so much better to handle monthly payments with it.

What I’d like to see is a column, or this could be added to the STATUS column, in the RECURRING INVOICES screen, that shows whether a particular recurring invoice/client is past due, eg, if that recurring invoice/client has unpaid invoices.

This allows me to weed out clients that are in good standing, and clients that owe money - which then I’ll handle manually. From time to time I check up on these recurring invoices to see if there is any client that owes me money, and there are times that some of them simply forget to pay for 2 or 3 months even though Invoice Ninja notifications are reaching them.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll definitely keep it in mind.

Have you tried running the aging report?

Yes, that’s what I currently use to check that.