Feedback for recurring invoices

Hi Hillel,

As I am using Invoice Ninja to control my recurring clients (I run a small web hosting/web design business, among other things) and I’m migrating them from other billing solutions I use, I would like to make a suggestion. In the RECURRING INVOICES screen, the invoices list shows a STATUS column with ACTIVE and PENDING.

Can you add an OVERDUE status, which will be shown whenever there is/are overdue invoice(s) generated from that recurring invoice? That will make it a lot easier to spot those who forgot to pay.

As of now I have to open every single client from that list and manually check if there are any unpaid invoices.

Also, thanks a lot for your efforts on Invoice Ninja, just bought the white label license :wink:

Have you considered filtering by unpaid on /invoices

Feel free to create an issue on our GitHub repo to request the change.

Yes I did but I don’t have only recurring customers, I have regular customers as well, which I usually bill only above a certain threshold. So I would like to separate recurring from non-recurring customers.

You could consider changing the recurring invoice prefix from ‘R’ to something you could filter by.

We’ll keep this in mind for the future, I agree it’s an area of the app which could be improved.

Yeah, that’s an idea… thanks!