Feature Suggestion - Email documents to portal

Starting to explore the client portal and project management side of this wonderful app, Im hoping I can consolidate a lot of my workflow into invoice ninja.

One of the common issues I have with my clients is how they send me resources for design projects, whereas the bigger more tech savy client are use to project portals, some of the less savy ones really struggle. Very often a resource will be emailed to me, then I uploaded it to whatever project manager software I am using.

How viable would it be for a feature where, a client could email a resource as an attachment and its dumped into their client portal, or even better project.

Do other users have similar clients and how do they work around it?

Many thanks



Thanks for the suggestion, the best way to request a feature is to create an issue here:

Thanks, Hillel. I certainly will.


Just a note, in v5, the client can upload documents directly from the client portal… just another possible solution…

Hi David,

Yes I spotted, I mean it’s a pretty simple process but some people manage to make anything difficult :slight_smile: