Feature request

Hi Hillel,

I would like to request 3 features to be added if possible that will make InvoiceNinja even more awesome then it already is, sorry for posting under support but i couldn’t find where i should post feature requests.

  1. Multiple invoices PDF’s to be downloaded simultaneously and not one by one as it is now.
  2. The ability to upload “Terms of Service” PDF and automatically by default sent as attachment with every quotes email.
  3. On quote email " $viewButton " is showing " View Invoice " instead of “New Quote”, or i can i change it myself? (see img)
    new quote

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for the feedback!

1 and 2. We’ll consider these changes for a future release
3. I believe the preview is incorrect however the actual email is correct, we’ll look into correcting the preview.

Thanks Hillel for all your hard work.

Regrading quote button, you are right only on preview so it’s not really important.