Feature request - Trigger recurring invoice early?

I have a recurring monthly invoice and the customer is requesting it early so they can pay it now.

Is there an easy way to trigger the next instance of a recurring invoice early?


It may work to change the start date to today but it would affect the recurrence cycle.

Guess this is a feature request then!

Would be very useful if after “clone to recurring” and “clone to other” there was a:
“Trigger next occurrence”
option on the pop up menu for recurring invoices.

In the latest (or maybe next) release we’ve added an option to send the recurring invoice right now. I’m not sure how it would work if the recurrence has already been started.

cc @david

It would be great if it simply triggered the next occurrence and did not alter the recurring invoice schedule.

The newest feature is being able to send a newly created recurring invoice immediately. If the schedule has already been started, then the only way to send it earlier would be to set the next send date to todays date, however this would also change the schedule.

Thank you, I understand. That will be useful.

The addition of a trigger now or “trigger next occurrence” without editing the schedule would also be very useful in the case of customers requesting to pay the invoice a little early.

Strangely, I’ve had 2 customers request this recently.