Feature Request: Totals reporting in Dashboard


I have 2 requests for the reporting in the dashboard:

  1. Make a real total, in stead of making a total per currency. In my business, I buy and sell things in both USD and EUR. My bookkeeping is in EUR, so for every transaction in USD, I add the conversion to EUR. However, when I want to take a quick look at my financials on the Dashboard, my EUR transactions and USD transactions are separate. This is slightly annoying. It would be easier to have a complete overview in EUR (the data is available. I entered it)

  2. I have 1 company, but I do different activities. For each activity, I use another Brandname, and for every brandname I have an account on Invoiceninja. For me, it would be nice if I could have totals of these different accounts.

Kind regards


Thanks for the feedback!

  1. We plan to improve this in v5

  2. In v5 you’re able to use groups to create sub-companies which are all included in one company dashboard

That’s great news. Thanks for the feedback.