Feature Request - Serial Tracking

I know you just implemented product inventory. If there was serial tracking available that was integrated into the invoicing that would fantastic. It would allow me to ditch QB, which I hate.


Purchase order for 3 widgets
Receive the three widgets and enter serial# for each widget

Add Widgets to customer invoices.
When I look up the invoice for the customer the serial # is listed on the invoice.
Or I could look up serial# to see which customer widget was sold to…
In addition, when widgets are sold they are removed from the inventory.
Would also need to be able to create a stock report that lists all items and value in stock at a point in time. (Example would be at the end of the year 12-31-… what was the total value of items in stock.)
(Accountants need this for…)

This would create a great value for your product and I could see many people switching from QB to your paid invoicing platform.

I know this would not be easy to add, but hey if you never ask… It may never happen.



Thanks for the suggestion, feel free to create an issue here: