Feature request: Save CSV field mapping + use "Product" as reference in import

Dear team,

I want to start to thank you for providing this very well-developed product and the hours you have put down to make this reality.

One thing i noticed is that when trying to update my products with a batch import (CSV), invoice ninja is missing the feature to use the reference field as a key object and let it create the products that are missing and instead update the products that are matching the key field with new information (overwrite) instead of creating duplicated products.

A way to save the “mapped field” for easy import would be nice see prestashop implementation attached.

Multiple companies receive price files from their vendors in CSV format and i think this would be a nice feature to have.

Kind regards


Thanks for the feedback!

One solution to save the mapping may be to update the names of the columns in the spreadsheet to match the columns names. By doing that they should be automatically matched.

To request a feature it’s best to create an issue here:

Thanks for your reply @hillel.

I will proceed to place a feature request and hopefully it will be implemented one day :slight_smile:

Stay safe

Kind regards