[Feature Request] Invoice + Task Optimization

First, I love your software and I love the fact that you guys continually update it and are always coming out with features I’ve thought would be nice to have! This is, BY FAR, the best invoicing/accounting/management software I’ve used and I’ve tried A LOT.

Anyway, I have two features I’ve seen in other apps that really helped and would be awesome if you would consider adding into Invoice Ninja.

1 - Have a convenient way to add all unbilled hours from a client to an invoice. Here’s a screenshot of another app and how they did it. https://snag.gy/S7nFh3.jpg
2 - Create a way to automatically add all unbilled hours from a client every X Days. The way I work is I just do my tasks and then bill my clients every 2 weeks for the hours I’ve worked. If there was a way to set the system to automatically create an invoice with all unbilled hours and email it to my clients every 2 weeks that would save me so much time! And make me look more on-time and professional instead of getting to it when I get to it (ha!).

Thanks for considering these! If you need any more info or clarification, let me know.


Thanks, that’s great to hear!

  1. One option may be to use the tasks tab on the client overview page, you can filter by status and then check all and invoice.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll keep it in mind for the future. We hope to make a number of improvements to the tasks feature.

Number 2 is indeed a nice feature