Feature Request: Installment Payments

Would like to request a spin-off of the recurring invoice scheme, except as an installment payment plan. This would add a lot of value for the users of InvoiceNinja, and might be fairly easy to implement!

This could work similar to recurring invoice, however the subtotal of the payment (not including surcharges) would simply be applied toward the balance of a larger invoice. The logic should include a check to ensure the payment made is not more than the remaining balance.

I’m thinking this could even be worked into the existing recurring invoice system itself quite simply by adding an “Apply To:” field to the existing “new recurring invoice” screen. The addition of a simple dropdown of existing invoices could be optional and shown (just like the enter payment screen works now).

If an “Apply To” invoice is chosen, record it in the database. If that field is present in the record when the payment is processed the subtotal gets applied to that main invoice instead. If not present, it works as usual.

This would be a great feature to allow us to accept payments over time for a larger purchase and make use of much of the existing functionality of Invoice Ninja. Though I would love to create and contribute this to the project myself, the framework of InvoiceNinja is something I’m not versed in. If any programmers might be able to tackle it, please get in touch.

I would think this would be useful to many others as well! It’s actually required in my case, and the only solution we’ve come up with is to manually enter the payment from a recurring invoice to the principal and then delete the recurring invoice. It’s not ideal, and gets a bit messy (I think it may throw off some of the reports, too?)

Thanks for considering!


Thanks for the suggestion, feel free to create an issue to track the feature request:

Note: you can have your client make multiple payments against one invoice however you need to set the partial/deposit field before each payment is made.

Thank you,
We did experiment with the partial payment field, but the lack of automation for each month over time made it less appealing.
Thank you for the suggestion, we are open to suggestions for dealing with our situation.