Feature Request - Exception to automatic reminder emails


I feel there should be a feature to disable sending automatic reminders to certain customers. Maybe I am missing this somewhere, if that’s the case, please point me to it :slight_smile: I DO know I could change the due date/payment terms but once Invoices are created (at least here in Belgium) you are NOT allowed to change them.

What happend (twice): A customer calls me if he can pay one month later due to some (financial) problems. I agree to this request and tell the customer to ignore the automatic reminders they will receive (for me they are set 7-14-21 days, then the post reminders start).

I would think it could be great to have a “Except from automatic reminders” option to be set on specific customer(s). Most of the customers that ask for delayed payment are also the onces who pay me the most/highest amounts and troubling them with reminders is not something I want, when agreed to a late payment :slight_smile:

Does anyone feel the same as me or am I missing this already being availible in Invoice Ninja at the moment?

Thanks in advance!

It’s been over 4 weeks I just want to bump this question… Could this be implemented?