[FEATURE REQUEST] - Enhanced Functionality for Distinguishing Products/Digital Items and Tasks in Quotes

Hey all,

I’ve been a satisfied user of Invoice Ninja for quite some time now, and I truly appreciate the value it brings to my business operations. I’d like to suggest an enhancement that I believe could further streamline my workflow and make the platform even more versatile.

Currently, when creating invoices, I’ve noticed that there’s an efficient way to differentiate and bill for tasks based on hours worked. This feature has proven to be quite handy. However, I’d like to propose an expansion of this functionality to the Quotes section of the platform.

In particular, it would be immensely helpful if I could also distinguish between Products/Digital Items and Tasks (time-based) right within the Quotes creation process. This enhancement would empower me to provide my clients with more detailed and accurate quotes right from the start. By being able to clearly delineate between these aspects, I can offer a more transparent breakdown of the proposed services and their associated costs.

Taking this a step further, it would be great if those quoted hours could seamlessly transition into a project’s ‘Budgeted Hours’ when the project is initiated. This would not only save time, but it would also enable me to maintain a consistent record of projected hours versus actual hours worked.

To summarize, here’s what the proposed feature request entails:

  1. Distinguishing Between Products/Digital Items and Tasks in Quotes: Extend the existing functionality that allows differentiation of tasks in invoices to the Quotes section, enabling a clearer breakdown of costs for clients.
  2. Seamless Transition to Project Budgeted Hours: Introduce the ability for services specified in a quote to automatically become “Budgeted Hours” in a subsequent project, streamlining the project setup process and maintaining accurate hour projections.
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Thanks for the suggestions, sounds like a good change.

Feel free to create an issue here to track the request:

Wanted to provide you with an update on the progress of the recent feature requests. If you’re interested in tracking the developments, you can follow the discussions on the corresponding Git issues:

  1. Recurrent Invoice and Quotes with Task #8725 Git Issue: Link
  2. [FEATURE REQUEST] - Enhanced Functionality for Distinguishing Products/Digital Items and Tasks in Quotes #8727 Git Issue: Link