Feature request: Double Tax names

Hey, everyone!

I’m going to prepare my business to use InvoiceNinja. And I’m a little bit confused by the fact that different taxes of the same kind of tax cannot be saved because the name is the same.

For example:
Here in Germany the VAT is 19 % VAT. But there’s another VAT which is only 7 % (for books for example). Both is just calles “Mehrwertsteuer” (short “MwSt.”) or “Umsatzsteuer” (short “USt.”).

Well, let’s say, I want to save both tax rates in IN by calling them “Umsatzsteuer”. Because that’s their both’s name; and the rate is also being shown in the list. But that’s not possible, because it seems that the tax name is (maybe) the primary key in the SQL-table. Or maybe there’s another restriction.

However, I saved both taxes by using their rates in the name like “19 % USt.” and “7 % USt.”. But this let the totals look like I was dumb, because in the VAT line stands: “19 % USt. 19 %”.

So my request is: Allow double tax names (or at least delete the tax rate out of the totals line).


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Feel free to create an issue on GitHub to track the request.