[Feature Request] Discussions & Files

With the upcoming inclusion of better project management and a Kanban board, it would be cool if clients could start a discussion from the client portal (and reply via email) on each individual project, task, invoice, or estimate, as well as upload attachments. A better example is available here: https://theanchorapp.com/demo/#invoices/30 Just type something in the text bar at the bottom right on the invoice page, and you’ll start a discussion.

It’s a much better solution than keeping track of which email had what and who said what when. With discussions on each of those items, you can view things you and your clients have discussed regarding a specific task, invoice, etc, extremely fast and organized. As I mentioned earlier, it would be neat to also allow clients (as well as ourselves) to be able to reply to discussions from their email and upload attachments.

edit: that link above won’t work unless you visit this one first to log you in: https://theanchorapp.com/demo/admin-login

Agreed, we’re considering it for the future.

i like to a kaban board and maybe a support ticket. why not?

We’re adding a Kanban board in our next release:


We may add support tickets in the future:


Great! Waiting for update!

Would it be possible to add client addresses to the index for search within Invoice Ninja self hosted or SaaS?

Have 20 companies I’m supporting with this SaaS and everyone loves it but everyday they are requesting to be able to search via address.

P.S. Best SOFTWARE I have come across in a long time absolutely in love with Invoice Ninja! Thank you for work and time!

It’s possible, feel free to add an issue on our GitHub repo. Related to this we’re looking into adding support for algolia.com.


Thanks, that’s great to hear!