[Feature Request] Browser Language


it’s possible to force the Invoice Ninja website to the Browser language?

Example: If someone manage clients with different languages, you need to change the language before creating the invoice. Same for client login website.

Otherwise, force the language of invoice and website from clients country (USA = English, Germany = German, … and so on).


The client portal should force to the clients locale once they are logged in.

But no invoices, right?


Everything should be localized to the client in the client portal.

I can’t confirm. My backend is german and an english client will see my german language too.


Not sure, in all my tests the functionality works correctly.

The system will default to the Client Language once the user has logged in. Note: If the admin views the portal - it will default back the their language.

Also you can modify all this functionality by appending ?lang=de in the URL.

Yeah. My example was on clients side only. After register on the client portal, he saw the German language instead of English.

What about created PDFs? Will change the language on clients side, too?

Yes, it will be localised to the client

Ok. Unfortunately I can’t confirm.

After setting the language by hands on the client, he’ll see the English language only. But no for already created PDF files - that’s still in German.

I believe the invoice needs to be resaved for the PDF to be updated.

@david are you planning on exposing PDF caching as a .env variable?