Feature request: Auto-send invoice concept on invoice date

Hi IN team,

I’m selfhosting my application.

I usually create invoices for my clients a week in advance, such as today I’m creating two invoices which are to be sent on the 2nd of July. I’m currently finding no option to make IN send said concept invoices automatically on the date I marked as invoice date. See image below for clarification. Please excuse the Dutch localisation. I set the invoice date as July 2nd and I wish for IN to automatically send this concept invoice on said date. Currently IN only automatically sends recurring invoices and reminders.

Thanks for your consideration.

Not sure if this would work or not, since I haven’t used recurring invoices. But what about creating a recurring invoice set to start on the 2nd, and then end on the 3rd? Theoretically, if it’s set to anything weekly or above, it would create and send the invoice on the 2nd, but then once the 3rd comes along, the recurring instance would be removed from the system, and they’d only ever get the ones you meant to send them.

One thing I’m not sure on, though is the “Automatically email recurring invoices when they are created.” option under Settings > Invoice Settings > Workflow Settings. I don’t know if that’s to auto-send when they’re created on the recurrence date, or if that’s to go ahead and send the first one as soon as you save it.

Anyway, just a random idea from a fellow user. Hillel will be able to set me straight if I got it wrong. =)

Ah yes, thank you for the suggestion. I’ll think of that one in the future.

Titanfail, you beat me to it :slight_smile: I was going to suggest the same.

If you’re a programmer it wouldn’t be too hard to write a script with our API or SDK.

Thanks for suggesting the API, I wasn’t aware there was one. I’ll try something. This topic may be closed for now.