Feature request: add more (unlimited?) Custom Fields


Could it be possible to implement unlimited, or just a larger amount of Custom Fields for the Projets module (and maybe other modules too) ?

I started porting all of my projects of this year (past and future) to Invoice Ninja, and I really like the option to add custom fields that are sortable - that makes organizing so much more efficient than reading through endless notes per project and then trying to sort that out mentally. That being said, I quickly filled up all of the available customizable fields with things such as status (drop down list), starting and ending date, and address.

I would still like to add a few more things, like a few toggles per project to make sorting/grouping even more powerful, and I’m sure if the possibility opens up I will find other uses of the feature too, just for better cataloguing. I used to rely on Excel, on which adding more data fields was as simple as inserting another column, and sometimes I kind of miss that.



Feel free to request a change by creating an issue here:

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