[Feature request] Add Markdown language to invoice line items


in v4 it was possible to use Markdown in line items. This seems not to work anymore in v5.

Would you please consider adding this feature again in v5?

Many thanks, :wave:

Hey there, I think this should land into v5 at some point. That said, I canโ€™t provide any timeframe for this.

Another thing, if you could please open this as feature request on the GitHub, itโ€™d be easier for us to track the progress. Forum is generally meant for the discussion & help.


Hi Ben,

thanks. I went ahead and created an issue on GitHub and then saw that there already exist one to the exact same feature request. You can close mine.


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Hi @ecomsilio, Are you experiencing an issue with using the ### markdown? Itโ€™s displayed as plain text on my invoices :frowning: