[Feature] Keep pagination and open tab after viewing pdf


Not realy an issue but maybe something that can be “fixed” someday.

When I browse through the pages of invoices etc. and click View PDF and then again close the preview again, it will go back to page 1 and doesn’t stay on the page that was open before I viewed the pdf.

Also on the details pane at the right side, it will open the overview again although I was on a different tab before.

Nothing really bad but maybe worth to look at.

Many thanks in advance!

If the screencast doesn’t load, you will find the file here.


Thanks for reporting this, these would be good changes.

It would be best if you’re able to create an issue on the repo, otherwise I’ll track it on my list.

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Hi Hillel,

Issue filed :+1:

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Awesome, thank you!!


I have found a small issue with flutter.

When I scroll through the invoice and in this case I am at page 3, I select an invoice. The invoice will open in the side panel and from there I select the client and then click “invoices” in the client side panel to see all invoices of this client.

There are 4 invoices for this client but I don’t see them because I am still at page 3 of the invoices view. When I go back to the first page, I will then show me the 4 invoices of this client.
I think it should automatically go back to page 1 when I click “Invoices” similar to when I switch to e.g. payments in the menu at the left and then go back to invoices again.



Thanks for catching this, feel free to create another issue or I can track it. FYI… if you think something should be changed always feel free to directly create an issue rather than post to the forum, I trust your judgement.

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