Failure after upgrade to 2.4.6


I’ve just tried to update to 2.4.6 from 2.3.3 (iirc), I’m getting a couple of errors when i ry to load update page:

ErrorException in compiled.php line 6727:
array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array


ReflectionException in compiled.php line 1068:
Class encrypter does not exist

I am open to suggestions.

Many thanks in advance,

The update process should now run on its own, however if you call it manually you shouldn’t see any errors.

Are you using the self-host zip or the code from GitHub?

Self-host, approx 25Mb download. I did the usual upload over a previous installation and try to run http://baseurl/update .

Try running composer dump-autoload and php artisan optimize to resolve the ‘class not found’ error.

I don’t currently have shell access - the joy of shared hosting. I’ll see what I can do. Would deleting everything and re-uploading a fresh copy (with the current .env) suffice?

Pretty much, if you erase the public/logo directory you’d need to re-upload your logo image file.

Thanks - I’ll give that a go and let you know. Hopefully, it’ll be AOK.

Awesome! That did the trick.

Thank you, once again, for the super rapid response!

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know.