Exporting Hosted JSON importing to Self Hosted - Issues

That is quite odd. I am tagging another release shortly, i may need to inspect the file you are importing to see where the issue is if the next release doesn’t fix this for you.

@david I"ll give that a shot. I wont mind at all sending you the file. Alternately if this isn’t working, are you able to do a DB dump that I can import into sql?

@mychristopher We should get the JSON import working, i don’t think we’ll need to do any DB dumps

@david What would you like me to do next? Would you like me to send you the file? Or are you still working on the code?

@david Upgraded to 5.3.39, imported JSON. Got error: There was an error importing the company data, the error message was:The Import failed due to missing data in the import file. Resource recurring_expenses not available.

To note, most my regular expenses are now in recurring expenses. 42 out of 106 regular expenses imported into Recurring Expenses. Nothing imported into expenses. 91 Payments did not import into Payments.

Hi @mychristopher,

Yes please resend the file, I’ll look into it.

Is there an email address you prefer me to email to?

@david Is there an email address you prefer me to email to?

please send through to contact@invoiceninja.com.

I’m a bit confused here.
Is the JSON import supposed to include everything nowadays?
Seems that it doesn’t include Tasks while the documentation suggests that it includes everything.