Export Data from Hosted App to Self Hosted App


Is there a way to export all data from the free hosted app to a self hosted app?



You can export all of your data, however we don’t currently support importing the data into another installation of the app. This is planned for a future release but it likely won’t be available for a few months.

Any status on this? I was trying to use CSV but it isn’t coming over right.

The following records failed to import, they either already exist or are missing required fields.
{“name”:“Jon Sanders”,“invoice_number”:“4”,“invoice_date”:“26-Sep-15”,“due_date”:false,“amount”:"$100.00",“paid”:false,“notes”:false,“terms”:false}

and it does this for every line item.

This will be included in our next release v2.5.3, you can track our work here: https://trello.com/c/Q1Vfycc1