Expense - Upload Document not working

Hi Team,

in the time since I last added an Expense a month or so ago, there have been a couple of releases of InvoiceNinja and now the “Upload Document” button is no-longer working. There is nothing in laravel.log, but I am seeing the following in the Chrome Javascript console:

I have been able to log the Expense data successfully, but cannot upload a document. Any ideas?

Thanks as always for your kind assistance!


Are you using the latest version of the app?

Sorry, forgot to mention this. Yes, I’m on release 5.3.29-C62.

Not sure, it’s working in my tests.

  • Are you able to upload documents elsewhere in the app?
  • Are there any related errors in storage/logs?

Hi @hillel,

I wasn’t able to upload documents anywhere. It turns out the solution was to quit Chrome and restart. Simple as that. Not sure what the root cause was, but this fixed it.

Thanks for your help, and apologies for the distraction!

Glad to hear it’s working now, thanks for the update!