Expense Import Template

Is there a reference for the expected format when importing expenses? Expenses aren’t included in the CSV/XLS export, and I can’t find anything on your websites.

Are you self hosting or using invoiceninja.com?

We recently released v2.8 to self hosters which includes this feature, it should be deployed to invoiceninja.com in a few weeks.


Self hosting.

Great, let us know how it works for you.

I will. I’m trying to do it now, but I need to know the expected format of the file I’m importing. What is expected in column A, column B, etc?

You can map the columns after you upload the file.

Lol. Well I feel a little silly…

Ok, so everything worked really well. That data mapping feature is pretty slick. The only notes I have are:

  If the amount column is formatted as currency or accounting (I used Excel 2010 for this upload), it populates as $0.00.

  If it is formatted as a number with comma-separated thousands, then $1,075.65 imports as $1.00, presumably because it is being saved as a comma-separated (CSV) file.

  If it is formatted as a number that shows negative numbers with parenthesis, it will import as $0.00.

Bottom line, numbers should be formatted as text. Maybe just a note on the import page would take care of this.

Also, it would be amazing if we could attach a file from a URL as part of the import process. I use Xpenditure for my expenses, and every expense has an attached invoice. The Xpenditure export includes a URL to a jpg or pdf of that invoice. I was forced to import this URL to the ‘public notes’ field, then individually attach the invoice for 345 expenses.

Additionally, the lack of any other note-like fields to import to, like ‘private notes’, meant that I lost a lot of additional data during import.

Hope this feedback was helpful. I love Invoice Ninja!

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll work to improve the number parsing in our next release.

We’ll consider importing files for a future release.