Error with 4.5.23

Since update from 4.5.21 to 4.5.23 I can’t edit invoices.

Open list of invoice:
PHP Deprecated: Unparenthesized a ? b : c ?: dis deprecated. Use either(a ? b : c) ?: dora ? b : (c ?: d) in /html/ninja-4-5-23/app/Models/Account.php on line 1126

Edit invoice:
Whoops, looks like something went wrong.


Please check you’re using PHP 7.3, not 7.4

Thanks, the problem was with PHP 7.4. I downgraded now to 7.3 and it work fine.
When will Invoice Ninja be compatible with PHP 7.4?

v5 supports PHP 7.4, we don’t plan on supporting it with v4

OK, then I hope that v5 will be functional and usable soon. PHP 7.3 ends on 06.12.2021. Until then I need a stable and tested solution.

Have you tried v5 yet? Once you get it setup I think it’s pretty good already :slight_smile:

Yes, I have v5 installed for testing, but you can’t work with it yet. For example the languages and currencies (Euro) and several other functions are missing.

Have you tried with a recent version, that should all be supported


I am using the current version, but no other language can be selected here.
It only says “English” and “English - United Kingdom” and only “US Dollar” as currency.

I think we just need to clarify the UI, you should see all values if you completely clear the value.

Note: there’s a newer versions available, I think we’re up to v31.

Clearing UI was helpful - thanks.

With “Force Update” there will be no newer version like 5.0.24.
When will the new version (5.0.31) be available via the built-in function?
Is v5 also compatible with PHP 8?

I think it should already be shown, can you check the crons are enabled.

I’m not sure if PHP 8 is currently supported but it will be in the future.