Error when login using Android InvoiceNinja app


When I try login to my self-hosted invoiceninja on lastest v5.
I got this error:

HandshakeException: Handshake error in client (OS Error: 
	CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED: unable to get local issuer certificate(

How can I fix this error?
thank you!


It may help to use Let’s Encrypt to generate the SSL certificate

Currently, I am using Let’s Encrypt for my site already!And valid 83 days.

Has anything changed/was the Android app working before?

Firstime I used with Android app.

I’m not sure, the only reason I’m aware of for this error is an untrusted certificate.

I had the same problem too. In my case I’d forced TLS 1.3.

Check that you’ve got at most TLS 1.2 enabled on your web server or WAF.