Error updating to latest version

I updated today and now nothing works. Self hosted.

Trying to get property ‘company’ of non-object


  1. 'name' => 'Anonymous User',
  2. ]);
  3. }
  4. });
  5. ``
  6. if ($this->validException($exception) && auth()->guard('contact')->user()->company->account->report_errors) {
  7. app('sentry')->captureException($exception);
  8. }
  9. }
  10. ``
  11. parent::report($exception);

Mine completely blew up too. I ended up just backing up the entire public folder, then uploaded and unpacked the zip. I then moved my .env file over and at least now I’m connected again.

I’m making a list of folders to manually move because the last 2 or 3 updates have broken my installation and caused me to spend most of the day fixing things.

So far the files/folders to move over to a fresh install are:

  • /public/.env
  • public/public/storage/


@david do you have any suggestions?

Please remove this section from line 127 of that file, i’ll need to tag another release.


5.3.78 is now available, i would suggest copying these files over your installation

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Man, I need a break. spent about 5 hours trying to restore my installation today, and literally TODAY is launch day. :smiley:

Still. Thank you for this software, I know what it takes to build these and to offer it for free… thanks.