Error: The gateways table has incorrect ids

Hi, Folks –

Since updating to v3.2 (self-hosted), I’ve been receiving the warning Error: The gateways table has incorrect ids. upon first login only. When I refresh the view, the error disappears. This doesn’t seem to have an adverse effect on the function of any of my day-to-day. The beginning of the relevant line in in error log is:

production.ERROR: Omnipay\Common\Exception\RuntimeException: Class '\Omnipay\Custom\Gateway' not found in [path/to]/vendor/omnipay/common/src/Omnipay/Common/GatewayFactory.php:105

This persists in v3.3 (just updated this afternoon).

Any advice or wisdom to share?


There’s more info here:


Really bad form on my part: my apologies for not replying ages ago. All set now. Thanks!