Error on sending quote email

When going to Quotes -> Selecting Quote -> Email Quote -> Send, on clicking the send button I receive the following error:

"An error occurred

404: Method not support for this route"

Any Ideas on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated,

Many Thanks.

I’m able to reproduce this error, we’ll make sure it’s corrected in the next release

Thank you hillel, I am also having an issue with quotes where the pdf view isnt working (just loads permanently) and I get an error when attempting to convert the quote, are you able to reproduce these issues aswell?

Do invoice PDFs load but not quotes?

Are you seeing a specific error when converting the quote?

we don’t currently have any invoices, as we will be using the software just to email the quotes, but a pdf view of that quote would be useful

Can you create a test invoice to see if PDFs are broken for all records or just quotes?

Currently we dont have an invoice tab which may be what’s causing the issuesimage
There are a couple of invoices in the invoice table, I just cant view them from the front end due to this tab being missing

We’ve enabled the invoices module, and I can confirm that the pdf view isn’t working for invoices either

The info here may help: