Error on Installation (omnipay-neteller)

Hi Folks.

I’m having a problem installing InvoiceNinja on my Debain VPS using the “self-host” and “Debain and Nginx” guides. I downloaded the ZIP from GitHub and when I’m doing the composer install --no-dev -o step it fails saying that the repo for the omnipay-neteller couldn’t be found. Which is true as I can’t find it on GitHub anymore. Any suggestions how to get past this?


Since we created our last release the Neteller library was taken down.

You have two options:

Thank you Hillel.

I thought I’d have to do the composer-step even when using the ZIP. After skipping it everything worked like a charm :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know.

If you get the zip from GitHub you need to use composer, if you get the zip from our site we include the vendor files.