Error "Bad state: No element" after opening InvoiceNinja in browser


Recently we sometimes get the following error message after opening InvoiceNinja in the browser:
Bad state: No element

Bad state: No element
at Object.i (
at a8F.ga4 (
at dZ8.a (
at dZ8.$2 (
at Object.O (
at Object.bj0 (
at ba.C3 (
at ba.b1 (
at qa.YY (

We can’t reproduce it every time, it just sometimes pops up.
After dismissing the message the app seems to work normally.
We have the latest version 5.5.70 installed.

Has maybe someone seen this error before?
Ist there anything we should or could do?
Or is it maybe just a minor flutter bug that will go away on its own in one of the next versions?

Thank you!


Can you post the error you see when loading the app with ?build=profile at the end of the URL.

At the moment I can’t reproduce the error.