Error after upgrade to 5.3.84

Hi @david, @hillel I hope you are both well!

I am getting the following error after upgrading to 5.3.84 today:

Error :: ‘[language_id, 1, currency_id, 1, payment_terms, 10, md5, 64f634880aa6d8172373…’ to ‘minified:vm’ failed due to: Deserializing ‘10’ to ‘String’ failed due to: TypeError: 10: type ‘minified:a2K’ is not a subtype of type ‘String’

I tried:

  • Clearing bootstrap/cache
  • Downloading for 5.3.84 and installing manually

Neither of these steps helped.

I can confirm that custom fields are showing as “text” in my DB, so it looks like that part of the update worked, just can’t login now.

Any ideas?


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david


Can you run /update?secret=secret

and/or if you have command line access

php artisan ninja:type-check --all

Hi @david,

just tried both of those things, and still getting the same error.

  • running “/update?secret=secret” successfully returned me to the login screen. Logged in with same uname + pword and got same error as reported previously.
  • running “php artisan ninja:type-check --all” completed with no output. Logged in with same uname + pword and got same error as reported previously.

Thanks for your help - anything else you can think of?


I made a mistake with the command line, try this:

php artisan ninja:type-check --all=true

You should see output with this.

Hi @david

I did see output this time. It was a long list starting like this:

“2022-04-27 10:59:54 2022-04-27 10:59:54 Checking all clients and companies.
2022-04-27 10:59:54 Checking client 52”…

and went on for a further 56 clients, before ending with:

…“2022-04-27 10:59:54 Checking company 1”

AND NOW I AM ABLE TO LOGIN :partying_face:

Can you offer any insight as to what I just did/what changed please?

Thank you for your kind assistance!


I believe the issue was a regression which allows certain properties to be saved as integers instead of strings. Our frontend is strictly typed and it was falling over due to incorrect types.

We fixed the type checking issue, however there was a small subset of users who had incorrect data.

Within the upgrade script of 5.3.84 I put in a fix for this to check all data, but it appears it may not have run on some machines, hence why we have the command line option to correct this data.

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Great, thanks again.

I have the same error after the upgrade to .84.

Screenshot from 2022-04-28 10-47-04

I run Davids fix but then I get a error 500.

I then followed up by rerunning it again and it did the checks as needed. Then lastly running php artisan optimize:clear and I’m back in.

TypeError related errors see also as reference.

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