Error 500 view Purchase Order PDF


I am getting this error 500 when I try to view purchase order PDF, see picture and log file information.

Log: [2022-07-26 04:28:29] production.ERROR: Call to a member function numberFormatter() on null {“exception”:"[object] (Error(code: 0): Call to a member function numberFormatter() on null at /home2/vixxhquc/


@david any thoughts?

I just installed new web, local server, still doing the same, any help?

What fixed my pdf issues was following this:

In short:
and run
php artisan optimize


I think the issue is phantom js is not returning a PDF, as Stevan mentions, switching the PDF generator should resolve this.


I switched to “hosted_ninja” , but the issue still the same, FYI, only purchase order does NOT work, everything else works fine.

I am run Version 5.4.12


after updating PDF_GENERATOR to hosted_ninja please try

php artisan optimize

If you are still seeing an error with Phantom in it, it means the PDF generator is still trying to use Phantom.