Error 500 On Upgrade to v5.3.75

Hey guys,

I’m getting a 500 error after upgrading to v5.3.75. The instance was installed and upgraded through Softaculous, on a DirectAdmin server.

When trying to run php artisan migrate in the directory, I’m seeing the following error:

In Application.php line 745:

  Class 'Codedge\Updater\UpdaterServiceProvider' not found

And this is what I can see in the logs (storage/logs/laravel.log):

Really appreciate any help! Thanks :slight_smile:

Try clearing the contents of /bootstrap/cache. I think I had a similar issue that was due to cache.

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Hah, that did it! Thank you!

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@david Should cache clearing automatically be added as part of the upgrade routine? Had this issue happen a few times.

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The system does try to clear the cache after an update