Enable features of the pro version? [Suggestion]

I been looking on the difference between the left hosted vs the pro .com version…

How about if you guys would offer that you actually could enable those features by paying of course, but still keep the benefits of self hosting it on your own server?

I would mind paying for it and probably many others wouldn´t say no either if the upgrade option was there that just the white label upgrade option:

It would be great to have access to more gateway options and crypto for example (which is quite limited in the free self-hosted version), and other features that you offer on the pro version.

Thanks in advance.
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Not sure I understand, all paid feature in the hosted app are available for free in the selfhost app. There’s just one codebase, we deploy to production from GitHub.

In the pro version 40 gataways - including crypto.

Self-hosted free version has 6 options:

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You’re confusing v4 with v5. v4 supports more gateways, we’re working now to implement more gateways in v5.

All gateways are supported in the hosted and selfhosted versions except for WePay who stopped allowing selfhost users access to their APIs.

So basically you guys just haven’t had the time to add the missing gateways yet on the self hosted version?

That is correct, we’re working through the v4 gateway list in order of usage activity.

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Ok awesome.
Thanks a bunch for clarifying that.:smirk:

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