Emails sent out

If you didn’t hear back the email must have gone to spam, please send again and I’ll check.

I did hear back… you said you answered my question on the forum… but nothing has been resolved yet.

Ok, understood. I think I understand at least part of the problem, we’ll work to have a fix included with the next release.

@david I think the main change required here is to disable the white label license once it’s expired. The expired date in the app should never be a date in the past.

the Expiration date wasn’t in the past before I started. It was a week or so in the furture.
I moved from v4 to v5… all went smoothly… for the most part.

I saw the license was coming due on August 8th 2021… so I purchased a new license on July 14th 2021.
I expected the date to change to August 8th 2022, but it didn’t … So I checked the software levels and found an update to the latest version. I did it… then the APPLY LICENSe went dark after that. I’m sure I could try again and purchase another license, but I would need a refund on my original purchase.

This installation was done via Softaculous if that makes any difference. All works fine… just the licensing has gone haywire.

ok As i stated before, just refund that paypal purchase and I’ll try again… I don’t want to wait for another release of software… no idea what’s gone on.

Ok, I’ll make sure it’s done.

ok thanks… i saw the refund… so i did it again…purchased a new license… same thing…

This is so weird… is there a way to apply the license in CLI ?
I always thought you just purchased and it then APPLY it…

There is a bug in the app causing the apply button to be disabled, we’ll try to correct it in the next release.

Is there anyway to be notified that the licensing issue has been fixed ?

You can use GitHub to watch for new releases

I should have thought of that… thanks!

I have updated to 5.3 and the issue has been resolved.
Thank you!

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!