Emails not sending


I am fairly new to Invoice Ninja and so far am quite liking it. I have decided to self-host it.

I was originally using a GSuite address to send emails, but for some reason, that stopped working. Unable to find the issue I set up a non GSuite address and it was working fine. I have noticed that it is now not sending emails, quotes, or emails to new users.

I have double checked all my email settings and they are correct. The test email DOES come through which I find surprising seeing as though nothing else does.

I have added QUEUE_DRIVER=database to my .env file.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated as at the moment I am having to download my invoices and send them manually.

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I was having another look at my .env file and noticed a whole bunch of email settings there. What is the difference between the following three:


I forgot to mention earlier that I have two business set up on the system.

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To start I’d suggest disabling the queues.

The 1/2 prefixes are used to support different email settings for each company.

I have disabled the queues and still, nothing comes through.

One thing that strikes me as odd is that in the .env file I have three different email settings. There is one for each of the two companies and then a third which was my original GSuite email settings. For some reason, those are still showing despite the fact that I have removed them from both companies.

You can try to manually edit the .env file rather than use the web UI.

An update:

I removed the third MAIL_HOST from the .env file which seemed to serve no purpose. I double checked that the 1_MAIL_HOST and 2_MAIL_HOST were updating as I changed settings within The App.

I decided to turn off the ‘Attach PDF’ option and emails are now coming through. So, I’m still not sure why my Gsuite account stopped working, but it does seem that it was the ‘Attach PDF’ option was the cause of my later issues.

If anyone knows what could be the cause of this I would greatly appreciate any help.