Emails not sending

I am unable to receive emails from my self hosted install v3.4.2. I have tried sending emails to test client accounts with emails hosted both on my domain and gmail. When I hit send I get a message that says the email was sent but they never arrive. I have also yet to see any sort of login instructions for these test accounts I’ve set up. I had high hopes for this platform and was considering purchasing white label, however if I can’t send emails and the documentation can’t explain it I might as well just use Excel…

Are your email credentials set in the .env file?

There may be more details in the logs in storage/logs/laravel-error.log

Hey cengelhadt,
Before diving deeper you have to check with your hosting company if your plan has SMTP sending enabled.

Most hosting plans provide a simple SMTP server together with the hosting server so PHP scripts can use the MAIL() function to send messages such as the ones you’re trying to send. However in order to curb abuse and spam, this service may be limited or outright disabled until you explicitly ask them to enable it. This is especially true with VPS servers.

Invoice Ninja and most scripts use this MAIL() function so no configuration is needed, and that’s why your hosting plan must have mail sending enabled. So, if you’re not getting any notifications, you should ask them for some help.

In any case Invoice Ninja does offer options to use external SMTP servers in case you can’t make your server work adequately. If you use Gmail, Outlook mail or Zoho for instance, they usually allow you to connect via SMTP so you can use external apps such as Microsoft Outlook to send and receive e-mails, and you can use this same SMTP configuration on Invoice Ninja.

This is some rather technical issue, but an easy one to solve. If you need more help just reply.

Okay so I figured out what my issue was, and to be honest it was really simple and I was way over thinking it and now I feel really really stupid. I fat fingered when I put the port information in…

But now that I’m sending to the correct port it works great.

Thank you @Hillel Coren, when I looked at the .env file is when I figured out my mistake.

Glad to hear you figured it out!