Emails not sending [But it used to work] ✉

So as I mention in this thread:

E-mails are for some weird reason not being sent out and it used to work fine until last up date at least. I’ve checked the laravel.log and it is clear as a whistle and the system logs does display that the email fails:

but when you click one of those they show up blank with no further information:

We haven’t changed the email credentials or the email setup so it cannot be that. :thinking:

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.
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@david do you have any ideas to debug?

check the activity tab in the app, it’ll give you the email server error.

Looks like I found the culprit @david thank you very much guys! :+1:
The formatting of the email. I just copied it right off from Outlook and it uses large Capital letters in the first and last name.

So I suppose that Invoice Ninja must be very picky in this area as it didn’t send anything because of this.

I had added two emails into “Settings” → “Advanced Settings” —> “Email settings” → “BCC Email” so it looked like this:,
and now changed it first to:,
Well that didn’t work eithers so i changed again to only one email:
after that it actually sent the email.

Does Invoice Ninja not support that you enter several emails into the BCC field?

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This isn’t invoice ninja itself, but the underlying mail system, it is extremely fussy, even blank spaces in the emails will cause failure. we try our best to trim and strip illegal characters.

I see. Thank you David.

So can yo have several addresses in the BBS field or is only one mail supported?

and if so is it comma separated "," or colon ";" separated?

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