Emails blank when displayed on iPhone using default iOS mail app

Hi, I’ve just been trying out Invoice Ninja looking to move over from another service. I’m not using self-hosting.

I’m having issues with emails and the default iOS app. In my test emails I have noticed that when viewing the emails on 2 different iPhones (each running different iOS versions) the contents of the email is blank, just large white space with the .pdf invoice attachment showing below. Using the gmail app for iOS emails display ok. Using computer they also display fine.

The iPhones show other (non Invoice Ninja) html emails fine and are set to load remote images.

If I set email template in settings to plain, emails then the emails show on iPhone. If set to lite or dark html themes the emails do not display, just white space.

I checked the original account confirmation email sent from Invoice Ninja when first signing up and that won’t open on the iPhones either. I didn’t notice this anomaly originally as I signed up on my computer.

I realize it’s probably more likely I’m missing something but is it possible something in the html templates for emails is not iOS mail app compatible? Obviously I want customers using iPhones to be able to view emails!

Appreciate any help or advice. Thanks

Maybe this is related?

You may want to use the plain template for now, we’ll look into this for a future release.

Yes that sounds exactly like it. I do also get a tiny flash of the email for a split second and then just white space same as described in your link.

I hope this is something you can fix. Even some of your main company emails you send to customers are not readable on iOS.

Thanks for looking into it.