Emails and Webhooks not triggered

Hello. I am having issues with recording payments. I noticed that I am NOT receiving emails when invoices are being paid. This stopped 24 hrs ago. I contacted support and they told me to check my notifications settings. I did and noticed my invoice was overdue (I’ve always paid automatically or so I thought). Anyways, paid it and now I can mark invoices as paid and notice they trigger the webhook. I use a zap that is triggered by a new payment and then also like those emails sent. Both are not working…any ideas? I’ve refreshed data.


@david do you have any thoughts?

We’ve seen reports from other users today that they were getting a lot of 410 responses from Zapier - unsure if something is happening at their end.

One thing to try is the following, get a test webhook link here:

Then create a test webhook in the app (Settings > account management > webhooks) and test fire some test payments and see whether the webhooks are being registered correctly. From my testing everything on the platform looks ok.

Strangely enough, and truly doing nothing, it started working again. I received a slew of payment notifications and my zaps were back. Clearly something was stuck.