Emaill Error

Hello, (Self-Hosted)
Please assist asap, each an every time when I’m sending out invoices or quotes I’m getting the following triangle exclamation mark below and my clients are not receiving any quotes or invoices that are sent. Please check an error below

“Address in mailbox given [] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2.”

Please check your email credentials are correct in the .env file in the root folder of the project.

Thank you for a reply,

can you please navigate me to .env file. I’m hosting on a Cpanel.

It’s in the main folder of the project, some file explorers hide files starting with a period

I’m struggling to comprehend, I have no idea where the file is situated and I can only access invoice ninja setting and cpanel under file manager

You can also use the UI in the app on Settings > System Settings

Okay, on System Settings under Database Connection test connection [success], System Setting under Email settings from name, from address, username, host, port 587, encryption TLS, and password are all empty. Should I fill the form? if so please indicate where can I get a password, from name, from address, username, host, port 587 should I leave it or change it ?

You need to sign up with an email provider who will provide the credentials

Thank you very much Hillel Coren, Buy Now button link doesn’t request clients info how can I make that possible?

The client details are requested when making a payment

Could you please elaborate further, here is a link below you can check what you talking about?

The link above it’s a Buy now button link.

The problem is you’re using an offsite payment gateway, you would need to use an onsite gateway to gather the details in the app.

Another solution is to gather the details on your site and then include them in the buy now link.

Thank you Hillel Coren, you help me a alot :slight_smile: