Email works with the following

Previously, my GMail-based email has worked with QUEUE_CONNECTION=database but doesn’t seem to work on the current version 5.49. It only seems to work with the setting set to QUEUE_CONNECTION=sync

Is this OK?

@CTG it sounds like there may be an issue running your queues when database is selected. If the app works fine for you with SYNC (ie not slow or the UI doesn’t lock up) then it is fine to leave it.

Thanks @david

It is slower but tolerable if I use the Windows app however, I found that when I need to make modifications in Invoice Design or Generated numbers by clicking from tab to tab, it will exit the app unexpectedly. So I use the browser to make configuration changes for now but yes, it is slower.


Sorry for the trouble with the app crashing, we’re working on it…

As a workaround you can drag the tabs to the left/right rather than click the tab title.