Email Templates - Variables


Is there a way to add the field value of a Custom Invoice field as a variable to the emails?

I’m using a custom invoice field for the Order Title and for our Account Reps. I’d like to have these actual values show up in the emails.
Right now if I add the $customInvoice1 it just shows the field Label (which is Order Title), instead of the actual custom field Value (Winter Sweatshirt Order 2017)
or $customInvoice2 shows Account Rep, instead of showing the value which is Chris

Any way to do this???

Thanks again!!

It isn’t currently supported, we’ll look into adding it in a future release.

I’m running into this issue now… Is there a way I can reference the data in a custom field in an email?

I have a custom field called “Invoice Title”

  1. I want that invoice title to show in the Quote email, not the amount.

  2. Also, I want to remove the total cost of the quote from the template. It shows the cost in the top of Light and Dark. The problem is that customers are seeing the total cost without looking at the invoice and they aren’t understanding that the hardware they requested is included in the quote.

Any update here?