Email template credit and statement not working

Hi there,

Hope all is well. I am not able to set an individual template for credit and statement. It always fills with the invoice template.

Additionally, if I make any changes to the credit template it does not trigger the cancel or save buttons meaning they are disabled.

Has this been already reported?



Can you please post screenshots?

Also, you’ve tagged the issue as v5 but statements aren’t supported in v5?

Thank you. This makes sense so.

Would you consider removing the statement in the dropdown? A bit confusing.

Credit issue (buttons to save disabled and loads invoice template): credit_template

A few other things I noted:

  • In the preview window the button is always “view invoice”; regardless what object/template you selected.
  • The view link button is not rendering as a button in the email send to the client “new invoice from …”. For some reason it does not have the style attribute; the button is rendered only in the email I am receiving “invoice was send to …”.
  • I am not getting the password to be included in the email send to view the invoice in the client portal. It shows in v4 though. I am also not able to find the automated generation of these password in the new settings (not under client portal as in v4).

Thanks, that’s very helpful! I’ll look into it.

@ben, do you have any thoughts on the email template issues?

In v5 we no longer include the password in the email, instead the user can set the password the fist time they log in.

#1: @david can we change the $view_link in the emails to adapt to entities? At the moment it’s always the View invoice (for quotes also).

#2: Can you please post the screenshots? What e-mail client user is using (Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird…)

I am using Afterlogic WebMail Pro PHP.

This is all mock data and we don’t actually know the entity at this point… we’ll have to look into this more.