Email invoice edit message is not showing

Here is screenshot for how my screen looks when I click Send Email to email invoice.
When I want to add new text further below (sdfsdfsdf in the example screenshot), the preview below does not update:

On the invoiceninja demo page it does update:

On the invoiceninja react demo it also updates and there is nice separation between the edit text space and the actual preview:

Why could my version not have the separator between the editable text area and the actual preview and why wouldn’t text that I add further down update? I am on v5.5.103-M113


The web and desktop apps show different previews. The desktop apps don’t yet support showing a browser so show a simplified preview. Is it possible you need to scroll down to see the added text?

Oh I see, I forgot to mention that my system’s screenshot was from the desktop app which you noticed.
After trying in browser, the send email preview works fine:

Hopefully the desktop app preview will be fixed at some point