Email Error

Dear hillelcoren

First, thank you for the wonderful system.

I installed invoiceninja on AWS EC2 successfully from github.
Unfortunately, when I set email configuration (SMTP to, I got the error

LOG.error: Email Error: View [emails.contact_html] not found.

This error occurred, when I sent test email. And I didn’t got the test mail.
I’m not sure, did I miss some files from github?

Best Regards,

I think this is a bug with the latest code in GitHub, it should only affect sending test emails. I’d suggest testing by sending an invoice from within the app itself, or you can use our latest stable release.

We’ll make sure this is fixed for the next release.

You are right. Quote (invoice) was mailed without any problem.
It seems only testing has an error.

Thank you for the quick response.