Email 500 error (website and app)


I am using self-hosted invoice ninja.
I have version 4.5.8.
I have the mobile android app 0.1.24 on my device.

The other mobile app does not connect to my installation and it was suggested on the forum to use this version of the mobile app.

My server environment is litespeed and mariadb.

I have been using invoice ninja for a few months. About a month ago I receive errors when attempting to send emails.

When I attempt to send an email invoice or quote from a browser it says
There was an error saving your invoice error
And does not email the invoice
When I attempt to send from the app it says 500: An error occured.

My laravel file is empty.
I activated debug but don’t know exactly what to do to retrieve errors or more info.

Please assist as I do love invoice ninja especially the mobile connection.

For the last month I am downloading invoices from the web portal and manually emailing.

Thank you

Are there any errors in your web server error log?

No. There are none.

It’s hard to help without logs…

If you’re seeing a 500 error it will be logged to either storage/logs/laravel-error.log or the web server error log.

It seems to be related to a missing document, have you moved the app without also copying over the documents?

OK. Let me tell you about the missing document.

When I first installed invoice ninja I went to the settings and I attached that document to the invoice settings in the menu.

The file was a jpg file and was also getting emailed to the clients.

I tried to go to the invoice settings to remove the file and it did not get removed.
I clicked remove and it disappeared but when I clicked save it came back there.

So I went the file manager in cpanel and deleted the file completely.

However when I goto invoice settings it is still there and same story. Click remove save and it still is there.

What do I do?

Also for a note. I was on invoice ninja 4.5.7 until yesterday when I upgraded to 4.5.8.

You’ll need to delete the related rows from the documents table.

I’d suggest backing up your database first.

I have just tried to remove it again.
Under invoice settings. At the bottom.
There are 2 documents attached.
One is valid as it is in the directory.
The other one I have deleted, however when I click remove file they disappear. I click save and they reappear.

What are the related rows?
I am doing this now.
I am backing up.
And then could you provide me with the rows or a sql command I could paste in please.

You’ll need to match up the details from the error log.

ie, GO9yojjNugg72t8HxUWljAmYyFuAhCLn/7a2313cdcea107b0b5fc3699bae38e1b113dfcad.png

Well using search in php myadmin for that string it is not found.

Not sure, the string is from the error logs.


OK thank you.

I had no idea what to delete or how to read the errors really.

Here’s what I did.

I used the settings of invoice ninja to export a JSON backup.

I then used my web host to delete the database and the invoice ninja installation directory.

I reinstalled invoice ninja.

I went to settings and I imported the JSON file. It had two check boxes. One for Settings and one for Data.
I only selected data and not settings.

This was because I figured if I also import settings it may bering a path back to the invalid file.

Now I am proceeding with changing all my settings. I actually did edit all the settings and save on my laptop but it did not do so.
I am attempting again to do so.

Thank you alot.

Just as a reference now both the legacy ninja app and the new one work.

How do I delete posts from this forum.
I want to have the laravel log and the url deleted.
If a moderator can do so for me for security reasons.

Glad to hear it’s working!